Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Local Service Ads + "Google Guaranteed" for CARPET CLEANERS [7-Min Masterclass]


Curious about Local Service Ads and how to get your carpet cleaning business "Google Guaranteed?"

In this video, I'll explain how Google's exciting Local Service Ads program works for carpet cleaners... and how getting Google Guaranteed can flood your phone with ready-to-book calls.

To start, make sure you grab a copy of this marketing cheatsheet for carpet cleaners:

Then visit the Local Services Ads website to see if the program is available in your area:

How to qualify your carpet cleaning business for Google Guaranteed:

  • $100k liability insurance in your carpet cleaning company's name
  • Pass a background check
  • Have at least 1 Google review (on your Google Business Profile)
  • Set a budget
  • Add billing information

After you're approved, you will be charged for each call you receive. Set a budget you can afford to pay each week, but set it high enough that you can book enough jobs to reach your goals.

Watch the video for more in-depth tips on how to maximize your results from Local Service Ads and book the most carpet cleaning jobs possible for your budget.

Hope this helps you book some jobs!

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