Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Why Is GOOGLE So Important To Your CLEANING BUSINESS? Carpet Cleaning Marketing [update]


Here's why you need to pay attention to Google if you own a cleaning business... this is for carpet cleaners, house cleaners, window cleaners, and ANY OTHER type of cleaning service who wants to fill their schedule...

I'll explain everything in this special carpet cleaning marketing update. Watch it below:

Highlights from the video:
  • How Google became the #1 source for cleaners who want to book more carpet cleaning, house cleaning, and window cleaning appointments
  • How smartphones made Google even more import to your cleaning business than it was before! (If your cleaning website isn't found on Google these days, you basically don't exist)
  • Google has released updates to Google Maps and specifically to Google reviews. If you're curious why your reviews have been disappearing, watch this part of the video...
  • Have you received spam messages on Google Business Profile offering to sell you 5-star reviews? Here's what to do about it (and what NOT to do!)
Hope this was helpful to your cleaning business.

Talk soon,
Reuben @ BookCleaningJobs

PS - got a question about Google for your cleaning business? Leave it in the comments. I'll try to reply to everybody!

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