Friday, November 11, 2022

How To Get CARPET CLEANING Customers From GOOGLE | Easiest Method Plus Free Cheatsheet

Hey Cleaners,

Are you struggling to book carpet cleaning jobs? Maybe your potential customers can't find you on Google...

In this video, we'll talk about all the ways to get carpet cleaning customers from Google. There are a lot of ways for a carpet cleaner to get customers from search engines like Google, but it all starts with showing up.

Watch the video now:

In this video we'll cover:
  • 0:25 Why you NEED to be found on Google if you plan to book any carpet cleaning jobs
  • 3:48 How to get your carpet cleaning business found on Google
  • 6:10 Why it’s worth paying to advertise your cleaning business on Google
  • 7:34 what to do next…
Need help booking more carpet cleaning jobs?

Start with a copy of our free marketing cheatsheet for carpet cleaners:

Then when you're ready, book a call with my team at

Talk soon,
Reuben @ BookCleaningJobs

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